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1300 Cabinet series


1300 Series makes the ordering process a cinch with efficiency, fashion, and innovation.  We source and assemble 1300 Series using domestic & European stocked products, which allows your cabinets to ship 50% faster.

From discarded plastic water bottles to a high-performance PET Film designed to take on your future. Feel good knowing each door is made from approximately 25 recycled water bottles!

We designed 1300 Series with quality in mind. All white melamine box, completely banded, and powder coated steel, full-extension drawers with soft-close undermount guides and 66-lb load capacity. Oh, and adjustable soft-close hinges too!

1600 Series offers more than just space and style, it's designed to custom fit your home and your budget. Our advanced manufacturing process blends cutting-edge automation, hand assembly, and rigorous quality control to give you high-quality kitchen cabinets that are affordable, easy-to-maintain, and built-to-last.

Wood or metal, our full-extension drawers and roll outs feature soft-close undermount guides and drilled-in bumpers for whisper quiet closing. You also get ample space, easy interior access, and more organizing options, all supported by a hardy, 75-lb load capacity.

1600 Cabinet series



1900 Cabinet series

Our sleek and simple integrated rail system provides a slender, unseen channel for easy access to drawers and a clean, crisp appearance. This system allows you to elevate the efficiency of your kitchen without interference from handles or hardware.

Precision cut frameless cabinets give you straight lines, minimal gaps, and pleasing geometric patterns, providing smooth visual transitions between materials and color palettes. And with so many style options available, you’re sure to find the door and finish to suit your personal taste.

With over 60 contemporary, transitional, or traditional door styles, our versatile 1900 Series kitchen cabinets offer something for everyone. Combine your style with the textures, finishes, and storage solutions you want, and our skilled team will build your cabinets to order for a precise fit.

So much of life happens in the kitchen. It’s where you gather with family and friends to share meals, talk, and laugh. With all that activity, it needs to be as functional as possible. Bellmont has the accessories and storage options you need for a balanced and organized space.

VERO Cabinet series


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