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Suffused with minimalism, the contemporary kitchen is the most Zen. Sober and sleek without being impersonal, this kitchen stands out with the great finesse found in its smallest details. Light plays a crucial role, amplified by integrated and discreet lighting effects. We can't get enough of its right angles, smooth surfaces and clean cuts that add character to the room. Here, order and beauty are inseparable!




The transitional kitchen is the little hybrid of the bunch.Halfway between contemporary and classic, yet it doesn't lack personality. Through its straight lines, with their modern feel, and simple ornamental details, it exudes that je-ne-sais-quoi that sets it apart, the classic kitchen, with a twist! Timeless, the transitional is particularly suited to neutral tones.

Brand New Kitchen
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Products Features

Determined to do things differently, Miralis designs and manufactures 100% custom kitchens. Our artisans use cutting-edge technologies to reinvent themselves and take their know-how above and beyond current trends.

Use of California Air Resources Board (CARB) Phase 2 compliant products

Use of polyester doors that do not emit harmful levels of formaldehyde

Use of solid wood sourced from local forests, reducing the environmental footprint and pollution associated with transportation.

Laminate Door Models

Laminate colors

European Laminate Colors